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Unite Conference

With Covid restrictions coming to an end, TP Health tasked my team to put on an epic annual conference that celebrated the solidarity of its employees and empowered the future of the company.


We created three core themes to encapsulate this. UNITE, which celebrated the staff’s reunion and success despite Covid restrictions, with lunch, and speeches made by the directors, followed by a feature film and guest speakers. Then, IGNITE in the evening, which embodied the passionate future of TP Health through celebration. And finally, feel like SH*TE the following morning, nursing hangovers with a buffet breakfast alongside colleagues.

Brand Identity


Stage Design

Video production

Project Management Support

With the structure of the day in place, I set out to develop an individual, distinct identity for each theme, assigning different colours, typography and agendas. You can see some of my thought processes below, moving from the grand showcase to the minute details of the UNITE logo animation, which pulls each letter together to form the word.

We had two days to set everything up. I directed the internal and external teams to bring our ideas to life, utilising the digital assets I initially created and replicating this live with the help of Wonderland Events Agency. From sound and lighting to signage and decorative details, we rolled out the identities through the venue, with each theme phasing seamlessly from one to the next as the day progressed.


Feature film

Perhaps the crown jewel of the day belonged to the feature film, conceptualised by myself and Oliver Cowmeadow, who wrote the script.


The film blended unique on-brand graphics and animations alongside video footage to address topics of the script, with powerful music and narration from voice actors to create something beyond a simple conference showreel. But this was much more than a video. This was a message articulated carefully through a twenty-minute kaleidoscope of emotion… A message of thanks and empowerment. 


The event ran smoothly, with an evening of unlimited cocktails provided by a pop-up bar and a side of fine dining, serenaded by special guests Kevin Bridges and Stephen Mulhern, who hosted the awards ceremony.

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