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TP Health  Re-brand

The average rebranding process for a company undertaken by a team of dedicated employees takes between twelve to eighteen months. At Team Prevent, within a design team of only two employees, we managed the mammoth feat in less than three months, introducing a new and revolutionary vibe that broke free from the stagnating oppression of dilapidated, dated OH legacies.

View the brand guidelines we created here:

Brand Identity

Website Co-Design


Brand Implementation 



Branded Print/digital assets 

CMS Manager

Social Media Manager 

The task was simple: Team Prevent to TP Health, and my role was to design, develop and implement the brand identity/guidelines across all areas of the business. Three months to implement the new brand across the entire origination; that’s 250 employees across 57 sites around the UK, not to mention the rebrand of 3852 documents. This was more than a challenge.


Market research confirmed what we already knew; the industry was tired, its face worn and outdated. But this widely held notion did not align with our company, our values and our triumphs of clinical and technological innovation. So this feeling we had spurred the foundation of our brand strategy.

We agreed upon two anchor themes, one which related to our history (Innovation) and the second which related to what we wanted to become (Revolution). From this, we wove a design that was fresh, bold and personable, overhauling everything from font and colour to layouts, slogans, videos, graphics, shapes and tone of voice. We created a more striking and engaging lexicon written across a fresh canvas of clean white space with mint green accents and supple navy blue headers. We stood out for all the right reasons.

But my work on the rebrand extended beyond just design work. I created supplier relations for all our physical branded assets, uniforms, signage, and vehicle livery’s. This also included the now long-standing relationships with Mallard & Claret, the award-winning website agency in London. Through the development of three different websites listed below, I worked closely with their design team and learnt the ins and outs of UI/UX design.


The project pushed us past new boundaries, with countless hours in and outside of work poured into the foundations of the brand, like concrete, trusting it would hold. And it did, preceding the company’s most successful years in its history. I was soon promoted to Creative Development Manager at TP Health and managed the head office refurbishment, which you can watch a video of here:

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